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Children at risk amid Cholera outbreak

Updated: May 1

Malawi are currently facing their deadliest ever recorded Cholera outbreak, claiming more than 1,500 lives. This has been triggered by devastating storms (including Cyclone Freddy) spreading contaminated water.

Within our district there have been 6,756 reported cases and 200 reported deaths - unfortunately these are increasing.

The school currently have access to water drinking straws which are employed onto every bucket that the children drink their water from. Standard 7 and 8 students are staying in the hostels and are provided with their own straws so that they can be responsible for their own drinking water. This way, the students can drink whenever they want during their stay.

The school are urging for donations so that they can rehabilitate the toilets. There are essential adaptations and maintenance work that must be completed in order to reduce Cholera risks within the school.

There are numerous ways that you can donate or raise funds during this significant and devastating time. Please click here if you would like donate.

If you would like to ask any questions please email us at

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