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Raise money amongst your friends and colleagues (examples so far: sponsored walks, runs or cycle rides) or in your company or community (examples so far: cake sales, toy sales, merchandise sales, concerts, garden parties).

As part of the vocational skills training at the school, students have engaged in cooking lessons. In January, it was time for standard 7 to prepare their own lunch!

A teacher at the school taught pupils about different ways to cook and heat up food – including how to boil. 
Together, students collected all of the cooking equipment and brought them to the training area. In small groups they started their learning by collecting water and making a small fire. Students then had the opportunity to decide what method of cooking they wanted to try. 

Throughout the lesson, students were encouraged to ask questions in order to aid their learning. They asked very important questions such as…

How much water is needed? Where do we put the rice? How can we use the water we have wisely?

This was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn a new skill through gaining practical experience. Several different meals were learnt and cooked by the pupils such as;
-Vegetable soup 

A massive well-done to the students for working incredibly hard to learn such an important skill!

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