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Grahame Co founder FOMOE

Grahame Wood

Grahame has had a varied career in teaching, transport planning and finally in telecommunications. The latter involved the provision of training courses to the telecoms companies in many parts of the Commonwealth, including Malawi.

His Story

It was on one of these trips to the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ that he felt drawn to helping Malawians to achieve a better standard of living through education. Following a chance encounter, he became involved with MOET and helped establish a financial base for the school. Working alongside Robin Clarke, who already had some contacts who were financing MOET, they invited a group of 11 people to a meeting which led to the establishment of FOMOE as a UK-registered charity to support the school.


As Financial Trustee of FOMOE, a role which he held for a number of years, Grahame visited MOET with Robin to establish their accounting and operational objectives. Grahame remains a key advisor, supporter and sponsor of MOET and its students who have moved on to secondary and tertiary education.

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