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July to December 2016 news from Patterson – the MOET School perspective

Friday, 6 January 2017

July to December 2016 Newsletter

Pattersons July to Dec 2016 blog update with background

Pattersons July to Dec 2016 blog update with background

For whole newsletter with photos see PDF and Word doc attached.

2016 has been another very interesting year for us, and we wish all of our students, staff members and frieds all over the world an even more prosperous 2017!

Future Nursery School Visit

Mangochi Orphan Education and Training (MOET) programmes are a source of inspiration for most of the educational institutions within and beyond its catchment area. Below you can see visitors from Future Nursery School which is about 15kms away from MOET. They came to here to learn on what makes it different from other schools.

The kids were taken around MOET campus, and fresh lemon grass tea from our gardens was served for them.

After a thorough exploration of the MOET surroundings, the visitors gathered for an informal briefing.

Sports Day

The development of skills is one of the activities implemented at MOET and sports form part of the skills to be imparted for thedevelopment of the children. Below are pictures of different sporting activities showcased on the MOET sports day this year.

“ON YOUR marks!…” The girls are getting ready for the marathon, determined to cover the total of 6kms. The day’s weather was good for the sporting activities and as a precautionary measure, a rescue vehicle was used to follow the group.

MOET pupils are discovering their potential in sports.

Patterson and Secondary School graduates take part in playing volleyball together with Rowan Cole as one way to develop sporting activity at MOET




 MOET programmes attract the services of volunteers for them to gain experience, and for us to make use of them in our academic and extension work. Johannes Lau is one of the enthusiastic volunteers, who, until recently, taught at MOET.

Johannes Lau makes a symbolic speech on the beaches of Lake Malawi in Cape Maclear. MOET and its staff usually arrange a farewell party as a way of appreciating the contribution of volunteers.

MOET teachers and staff staffs having fun at the beaach with our voluteer.
Putting on life vests, Johannes Lau and Rowan Cole join the staff on board for a sunset cruise. Rowan Cole, a one-month volunteer from England was honoured for his volunteer work at MOET as well.

Part of the staff, and both volunteers on the boat

Secondary School Students

MOET conducts coaching to secondary school students every summer holidays. This helps them keep their heads fresh and focus more on what they aim to achieve by the end of their academic years.

Having discovered the importance of books in education, secondary school graduates are busy re-arranging books and decorating the library as they are waiting for their examination results. This helps setting an example to primary school students to love their books even more.

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MOET gives as well as receives – Pattersons Q4 2015 Update

MOET gives as well as receives locally

It’s been a really busy quarter with so many positive things to report on from MOET


MOET receives help and donations, sourced outside of FOMOE funds:

1. ELMA workshop

In November, MOET Director Patterson Majonaga and accountant Josephine Saidi took part in a 3-day workshop offered by ELMA in Lilongwe. The topics of the workshop was mainly financial management.


In the picture, you can see a group photo of all of the participants inside Crossroads Hotel. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patterson’s Summer Term Newsletter

First of all, the photos below show a very good morning for MOET teachers as veteran teachers Susan, Hilary, Rosemary and Mike bring in new teaching techniques in Mathematics funny, educational and joyful learning introduced to MOET teachers to make a difference. Read the rest of this entry »

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Government Examination 6th to 8th May 2015 preparations

It is that time of year when Standard 8 students start boarding at MOET and spend most of their time reading and group discussions and revising intensively for the May Certificate of Primary Education exams. Their teachers also offer individual and group assistance even during their free time.

2015 Standard8Boarders_1 Read the rest of this entry »

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Christmas 2014 at MOET

As usual MOET School organizes a Christmas party for the children at the end of every year. 2014 Christmas party was very successful. Children were served with food, drinks, snacks and finally they had a disco.  These are rare moments to orphans and is treated as an annual event

Christmas 3 Feb 2015

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Update on Elma Foundation Project – February 2015

Some of these guardians have been sleeping in leaking houses.  In an effort to ease some of their problems through ELMA Foundation Project MOET has distributed cement for floor and plastic sheets for roofing to those households affected. Some houses have been maintained to make sure the children have a comfortable sleeping place

Items 4 Feb 2015

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Update on the Outreach Program – February 2015


The outreach program is one of MOET’s main programs.  Guardians to orphans are trained in various skill for self sustainance. Recently MOET organised a 14 day permaculture designers course whereby 60 guardians were trained in permaculture and ANAMED and offered certificates.  The aim is to share the knowledge so that they should teach their fellow villagers in their respective homes.  Watering cans and some seeds and seedlings were distributed.  The participants were encouraged to gather local seeds and form seed banks.  MOET organised a site visit  to other permaculture centres so that the guardians could see how other people are benefiting with the knowledge of permaculture. The participants came from 30 villages.  They are guardins to orphans whom MOET is sponsoring in primary and secondary schools.

Permaculture 2 Feb 2015

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Flood Damage Update – February 2015

A total of 132 orphans from MOET have been displaced by the floods.  Class attendance of pupils at MOET was not the same during the period and most of the children have been disturbed by the development. The most immediate needs for our children at MOET are plastic papers to help water proofing roofs of temporary accommodating structures they are constructing. It may also be of great help to consider supporting food such as maize, beans and soy. For our pupils, we need to consider buying some beddings and books to the most deserving ones

.Floods 10…. see full report from Patterson below:

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Account of the January 2015 Floods – from Patterson

It started as a normal rainy day as usual.  It was the early hours of Thursday the 8th of January 2015.  As normal,  people were not discouraged to go to the fields and some to their usual duties.  School going children also went to their respective schools. MOET was also in full swing  as one of the noted schools in Mangochi district – Malawi.

It was only around 10 o’clock in the morning when things started to change for the worse.  The rains became heavier and heavier. The water coming from the mountain started crossing the Monkey bay Mangochi tarmac road going into lake Malawi.  The whole area to the eastern side of the lake was covered with water.   Cars stopped as the flood was about half a metre above the tarmac road.  People were outside their houses fearing that the houses might fall over them and cause some fatality.

Moet sign and grounds flooded

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Permaculture Design Course held at MOET

Through a donation from a  Foundation in South Africa, MOET had a Permaculture designers course for twelve days. Apart from the already existing three villages MOET reached out to  60 households from 30 villages (2 per village).  These people were mostly women.

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden


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