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Robin Clarke

Robin founded the UK charity arm FOMOE in 2010 with some like-minded friends to secure the future funding of MOET and its alumni.

His Story

Robin started as a commodity futures broker in London before following his passion for organic gardening. Whilst retraining at horticultural college in 2002 he volunteered on a permaculture project at MOET school, planting trees and creating vegetable gardens. Inspired by the headmaster Patterson’s determination to help their orphan children, he returned to Malawi most years and raised funds with increasingly challenging sponsored walks and events to finance the building of the primary school and to establish a fund for its pupils.


Robin has had many great experiences at MOET. For example, one of the earliest MOET pupils who was sponsored through secondary school and teacher training since returned to MOET as a full-time teacher. On another occasion, after several years of trying unsuccessfully to get the kids to grow their own veg in demonstration gardens, he visited Malawi to find that interest had exploded to such an extent that the children’s guardians were asking where all the produce was coming from.


Having been chair of FOMOE for many years, Robin has now stepped down, but he still remains involved in the organization and funding of the charity. He is currently living on a small farm in the jungle in Belize.

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