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Maria Dieguez

Maria started as FOMOE’s financial trustee and visited MOET a year later (see below). She was so impressed by the work done at MOET and saw the need on the ground, so she decided to get more involved and took on the role of FOMOE chair.

She has always been involved in charity work, collaborating with the Spanish Red Cross in their elderly support program and working for the socially responsible banking group Caixabank in Spain before moving to the UK and joining the online broker Interactive Brokers.

Her Story

‘We were in Malawi for 10 days. We fell in love with the country and the people from the first minute. Everyone was so polite and welcoming. In addition, we experienced first-hand what MOET does and why it makes such a huge difference.


‘We also visited a state school with around 100 children per class; some classes were taught under a tree meaning that lessons were suspended when it’s raining. I remember seeing a couple of 7-year-old children carrying bricks on their heads. Those children cannot go to school. By contrast, the pupils at MOET receive an all-round education with class sizes of around 40 children, without which they would be sent off to work from a very early age.’

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