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Johannes - Volunteers Coordinator

Johannes Lau

Johannes volunteered at MOET as a Maths and English teacher during his gap year. He is fascinated by Malawi and the impact that MOET has on the local community; as a FOMOE trustee, one of his roles is to share his experiences by supporting our prospective and current volunteers.

His Story

One of his favourite memories of MOET was of the school’s chef, Mr. N’tonga, cooking gigantic portions of maize porridge every day (see below) and seeing the happy faces of children eating their Nsima and enjoying a full hot meal, which many of them would not have had at home.

He was disappointed to hear that one of his brightest students back then, Shakira, dropped out of school after getting married to a much older man. Fortunately, MOET managed to continue her education from where she left off.


Having volunteered at MOET for a year and travelled to most of Malawi’s neighbouring countries, Johannes is now keen to return to the Warm Heart of Africa, as he has always been amazed by the openness and peacefulness of Malawians.

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