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James - Secondary School Trustee

James Brittain

James worked in financial services in the City for many years before seeing the light and moving to Somerset, where he became a teacher and careers adviser at a boarding school, and is now an independent town councillor.

His Story

James is the trustee in charge of sponsorship of secondary school pupils who have graduated from MOET. He communicates with sponsors, sending school reports, monitoring bank payments and occasionally doing a long sponsored walk. Although he has travelled to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, he has not yet made it to Malawi, but it's on his list!


His favourite moment at FOMOE: receiving a photo of a MOET schoolgirl in her immaculate school uniform, standing next to her grandfather outside the hut where they live in Mangochi (see below). After her sponsor saw the photo, he travelled to Malawi to meet her in person; he is now a major donor to the school. 

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