Spring Update from the Headmaster, Patterson – new toilet, guardian meeting, permaculture meeting, school inspection, nursery class and school uniform

NEW TOILET In a bid to improve the health of the children at MOET  a new toilet is being built with funding from the Friends of MOET in UK (FOMOE).    GUARDIAN MEETING Every term guardians of the children at MOET are invited to the school. The purpose of these meetings are to discuss problems related…
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Christmas Party for children of MOET School

Patterson Majonanga – Headmaster & Director The 15th of December 2010 was another memorable time for the children at MOET. The children and the teachers had a memorable Christmas party. Under the green trees of MOET grounds balloons and pieces of clothes were hung in the trees to decorate the day.

Lake of Stars Festival visit to MOET makes a splash back home

Since their return from the Lake of Stars Festival in October, we are pleased to see that the visit to MOET left an indelible mark on various members of the press and PR team.  Many good intentions have translated into positive action for which we are most grateful. To see one such example please take a look at…
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Update from resident volunteers Marie and Fabian

Marie and Fabian from Weltwaerts (staying at Mpemba Cottage) Already two months have passed off since we were cordially welcomed at MOET school. After some weeks of observation and acclimatisation, we now feel as a part of the lively community. Up to now we have started giving computer lessons which complement the vocational training for…
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Helping MOET School with their accounts in 2009 & 2010

Tom Allport (Volunteer) In early 2009 I took a couple of weeks off work to visit MOET School and see if I could help.  My role was to find and go through all the records available and report back to the trustees and donors on my findings.  I also needed to set up policies and…
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Remembering January 2010 at MOET School

Ben Reynolds (Volunteer) Leaving the UK in the grip of its coldest winter for years and arriving in Malawi, its lush vegetation extending from the Lakes tranquil shores, my feeling of a slightly nervous Africa novice soon began to recede. Upon arrival at M.O.E.T school, I soon began to realise that the numerous, welcoming –…
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Article on MOET School in Malawi Nation – September 2010

Angela Head (Trustee) I am pleased to announce that the work done at MOET School received national coverage on 14th September 2010 on Malawi Nation’s news website:  ‘Plight of children along the lake’ ‘The future of Annet Mdala, 15, of Mpemba Village T/A Mponda in Mangochi was full of doubt.  The girl, whose parents died…
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Lake of Stars Festival delegation visit MOET School

Patterson Majonanga (Headmaster & Director) Lake of Stars is an annual festival which attracts many people from all of the world and this year MOET School was lucky to have been able to welcome a delegation of 30 participants.  They were given a tour of the school, met the orphans and also worked with them and the teachers on…
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MOET proves cassava is an effective alternative to maize when water is scarce

Patterson Majonanga (Headmaster & Director) In a bid to promote permaculture in the communities Dzimwe radio, a community radio station, organised a tour for Community Radio Listening Clubs to learn how permaculture is being implemented at Mangochi Orphans Education and Training.  The group was accompanied by officials from Wildlife and Environmental Society in Malawi, Swedish International…
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German volunteers arrive at MOET School

Patterson Majonanga (Headmaster and Director) Through the partnership that exists between MOET and DED, a German volunteer organisation, Marrie and Fabien, both 19 and from Berlin and Hanover respectively, join MOET to do volunteer work from September 2010 to September 2011.  They will be assisting in different disciplines including teaching in classes, computing, crafts, sports…
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