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América Bernal Hluz - Marketing.png

América Bernal

América is a digital marketing professional with particular experience in finance and hospitality industry, focusing on brand repositioning, customer experience and loyalty growth. She decided on this path because she has always felt a calling to listen to others and help them achieve their goals. She is also drawn to new technologies, which led her to pursue a Masters in Digital Strategy to strengthen her capacity to connect with others using visual communication and storytelling. 

Her Story

América became a FOMOE trustee because she cares about children's causes, like at Teletón México where she raised funds for vulnerable children with special needs. She is clear that she can’t help everyone but she can still make a difference to one person.


Moreover, she argues that we all have the same potential, yet some are raised in disadvantaged circumstances, and she has made a personal commitment to help such children and give them the chance to break free and realise their potential. 


Her main purpose in joining FOMOE is to collaborate with a dedicated team to provide vulnerable children with better prospects and conditions than the ones they expect, in order to improve their life chances.

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