July to December 2016 news from Patterson – the MOET School perspective

Friday, 6 January 2017

July to December 2016 Newsletter

Pattersons July to Dec 2016 blog update with background

Pattersons July to Dec 2016 blog update with background

For whole newsletter with photos see PDF and Word doc attached.

2016 has been another very interesting year for us, and we wish all of our students, staff members and frieds all over the world an even more prosperous 2017!

Future Nursery School Visit

Mangochi Orphan Education and Training (MOET) programmes are a source of inspiration for most of the educational institutions within and beyond its catchment area. Below you can see visitors from Future Nursery School which is about 15kms away from MOET. They came to here to learn on what makes it different from other schools.

The kids were taken around MOET campus, and fresh lemon grass tea from our gardens was served for them.

After a thorough exploration of the MOET surroundings, the visitors gathered for an informal briefing.

Sports Day

The development of skills is one of the activities implemented at MOET and sports form part of the skills to be imparted for thedevelopment of the children. Below are pictures of different sporting activities showcased on the MOET sports day this year.

“ON YOUR marks!…” The girls are getting ready for the marathon, determined to cover the total of 6kms. The day’s weather was good for the sporting activities and as a precautionary measure, a rescue vehicle was used to follow the group.

MOET pupils are discovering their potential in sports.

Patterson and Secondary School graduates take part in playing volleyball together with Rowan Cole as one way to develop sporting activity at MOET




 MOET programmes attract the services of volunteers for them to gain experience, and for us to make use of them in our academic and extension work. Johannes Lau is one of the enthusiastic volunteers, who, until recently, taught at MOET.

Johannes Lau makes a symbolic speech on the beaches of Lake Malawi in Cape Maclear. MOET and its staff usually arrange a farewell party as a way of appreciating the contribution of volunteers.

MOET teachers and staff staffs having fun at the beaach with our voluteer.
Putting on life vests, Johannes Lau and Rowan Cole join the staff on board for a sunset cruise. Rowan Cole, a one-month volunteer from England was honoured for his volunteer work at MOET as well.

Part of the staff, and both volunteers on the boat

Secondary School Students

MOET conducts coaching to secondary school students every summer holidays. This helps them keep their heads fresh and focus more on what they aim to achieve by the end of their academic years.

Having discovered the importance of books in education, secondary school graduates are busy re-arranging books and decorating the library as they are waiting for their examination results. This helps setting an example to primary school students to love their books even more.

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Summary of 2016 at MOET – Annual Newsletter from Chair of FOMOE, Robin Clarke

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and/or click on this link fomoe-new-year-report-2017-draft2-1 to download the newsletter and share with others or simply copy the URL




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Patterson’s Latest Quarterly Update – lots of construction at MOET in the Summer

Nursery Kitchen

It is already 1 year now, since this blog has been started in July 2015.
Many projects have been started, continued and even finished during that time,
especially in the last few months.

A completely new nursery building has been planned and constructed in just a year’s time thanks to generous donations from several individuals through FOMOE.
It will provide a safe, friendly and joyful environment to the youngest ones at MOET as soon as it opens when the next term starts in September!

Although the nursery with all its beautiful children-friendly drawings on the walls, its beds for tired children and its colourful plastic chairs was just finished, the next nursery-related project has already been started: The construction of a nursery kitchen will be essential for MOET’s vision of having a completely separated and self-contained nursery.The idea is that the youngsters will stay inside the fences of the nursery and its playground all the time, so that they don’t have to mix up with the much bigger and maybe intimidating primary students to have their daily meal.


Thanks to a grant from the Marine Institute of Canada, the construction of the kitchen has already begun, but due to a lack of further funding, the construction had to stop slightly below the window level. Therefore, MOET would like to ask its friends for further support to finish this great project.
The costs to finish this project are estimated to be 1000 £.


The kitchen as of now

The Head Teacher’s Office

The second project, which has been finished in a record time recently, was the construction of an office for MOET’s headteacher! It was built as an extension on the left side of the old nursery, which will subsequently be used as a new staff room. Both of them will be a relief for the chronically congested main office and will allow the teachers to do their work more efficiently and professionally. We would like to express our gratitude once more to our donors, in this case the “United Methodist Church” from Atlanta, USA, who made this achievement possible for us!

New headteacher’s office

Irrigation Scheme

Whilst the worrying dry spell in Malawi did not improve with the end of this year’s rainy season, and most of Malawi’s landscape is already bleak and stark, MOET’s gardens are as green as ever!

The garden
A lot of maize

This is mainly achieved through an elaborate irrigation scheme using the abundance of water from the nearby lake. The main purpose of our garden is to grow vegetables and maize to feed the children and as well to create income for the school through sales. Unfortunately, the irrigation scheme was planned for a much smaller demand of around 200 kids, and now that there are more than 350 children here, demand is outstripping supply. For that reason, MOET
is looking for funds to extend its irrigation scheme and to connect the student’s garden to the main irrigation scheme.
Apart from that, all kinds of donations, even if it is just a pack of seeds are always highly appreciated!

Standard 8 Party

One of the main events during the third term was, as it is every year, the graduation of the Standard 8 learners after 3 months of intense studying and a week full of examinations. All the learners and their families as well as the teachers were invited to a great party with good food, some drinks, and many encouraging speeches! As a venue, the Ziboliboli Beach Resort right on the shores of Lake Malawi was chosen again, and allowed the students a diversion after boarding at MOET for about 3 months. After the food was served and the speeches were delivered, the students, their families, the teachers and, of course, the director danced together to Malawian and international songs – an amazing experience! Following the end of the students’ party, all the teachers and some of the support staff stayed at the place and enjoyed themselves with even more dancing. MOET is already looking forward to the
graduation of the current Standard 7 students next year!

Patterson’s speech
Gift-giving ceremony

Standard 8 Results

As MOET always prides itself with the above-average results of their Standard 8 leavers, we also want to wish this years’ graduates good luck for the release
of their final results in September.

The last years’ results
We would like to close this blog with an urgent request: Thanks to MOET’s secondary school sponsorship programme, we have been able or are intending to send some of our now grown-up students to college! Most of them are going to the “Technical College Salima”, where they are expected to have Laptops to work with. Unfortunately, it exceeds MOET’s financial ability to provide all of the college students with computers, so we would like to ask anyone for old, used laptops they don’t need anymore. Even if you think, that it might be too old/used/scratched, they can still be of great use for MOET and its students.


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Volunteer Johannes meets Piers Agget from hit pop band Rudimental in Malawi

Johannes writes:       Another highlight of my stay was meeting a group of asungus in front of Mangochi’s “People’s Metro” supermarket, who, as I learnt later were the famous UK band Rudimental and a group of other artists playing at a festival in CapeMaclear 2 days later. Seeing the possibility of avoiding an overcrowded truck, I asked them if they could take me up to my school, what they – like any western band with a couple of UK/US no. 1 hits probably would have done – accepted.

Piers Agget from Rudimental and me

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Volunteer Johannes teaches MOET children about Malawian Parliament and Dinosaurs

Johannes writes:
With the beginning of my third and last term at MOET, I decided to diversify my teaching in Standard 6 a bit, adding the subject “English Language” to my responsibility. Previously I had just taught “English Grammar”, which is really important for the children, but rather unexciting to teach. My new subject gave me a lot more freedom concerning the choice of topics, educational games and the use of our new projector.
The most exciting lessons were definitely those about the Malawian Parliament, in which the children learnt about the way a parliament works, read some simplified speeches and in the end wrote their own, to have a real Malawian-Parliament-style discussion.
In their speeches, most of the children commended the good roads (true, I think!) and the good schools (definitely!!) in their constituencies, whilst criticising the government for the shortage of food and the bad police. It was really lovely to listen to the speeches of the good students, and to the great ideas they had for Malawi!

Another highlight was the introduction of worksheets, “Can we really write on the papers, John??” about dinosaurs, of which they have never heard of before.

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In April of this year a State of Emergency was declared in Malawi following disastrous droughts so we are initiating an emergency food program to provide an extra meal every day for the children at MOET School for 6 months.  This programme costs £2,500 and it was all covered (and more) by the walk done by Robin and friends (including Cara the Dog) on 28th August.

Clarendon Way is a 26 mile (marathon) walk from Winchester to Salisbury Cathedral.

For more details see  https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/robinclarke1

clarendon1 clarendon2 clarendon3

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Volunteer Rowan’s 3rd week at MOET – August 2016

My third week at MOET was mostly filled by a football camp at Cape MacClear with learners from Standards 6-8 who make up the school football team.
Departure on Monday was to be at 1300, but upon arrival slightly before this hour I was greeted by the sight of Patterson driving away with his pick-up sans any children or footballs. He told me he was picking up a few things and I should return at 1500 when everything should be ready. As is the way in Malawi, even come 1500, even the postponed departure was still very far away as everyone tried to work out how to fit 14 students, 3 teachers, 2 volunteers, 5 footballs, a few chickens and some goat (deceased) and several massive pots for nsima into the back of a small pick-up truck (or matola). Think Buckaroo, but with a truck and live humans. High stakes Buckaroo. The ultimate solution an hour or so later after Johannes had arrived with a suitcase and Disney mattress was to have kids and luggage in the back, with adults and some food things in the car. Precarious indeed.

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Volunteer Rowan’s 2nd week at MOET – August 2016

It was all fun and games for Rowan in his second week at MOET:

This week saw me making my teaching debut at MOET, as I was assigned to teach English and Geography to MOET graduates who return in the summer holidays for supplementary secondary lessons (free of charge).
My first English lesson was on modifiers; of which according to the grammar book I referenced there are three types; positive, comparative and superlative. I found it initially difficult to gauge the class (Form 4 next year, the final year of secondary), but was soon given an explanation as to why some of them looked confused when upon asking Joseph for an example of a positive modifier which is just an adverb or adjective (literally modifying the verb or the noun), he wrote “The English teacher speaks very quickly” So following that piece of feedback I slowed down and it  went well.
Geography on Friday featured the topic of Population Change, as in AS in the UK. I’ve inadvertently picked up the Malawian teaching style with lots of writing on the board and no particularly creative activities to be seen, but you know; when in Mangochi…


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18 year old Rowan volunteers for a month at MOET July-Aug 2016

Rowan’s first week and first impressions……
I’ve just completed the first week of my month in Malawi where I’m at MOET school, doing some work with returning secondary students and some football coaching later on in my stay.  Before leaving London I had been under the impression my journey to Malawi was a long one;  a total of about 24 hours; but on the plane to South Africa my neighbour was a Canadian architect travelling to the Gambia. His journey duration dwarfed mine. He had had to fly from Vancouver to London before heading to Africa with me; when he would then fly to Angola and then onto Gambia. All this was to take over 2 days.
Still at the airport in Lilongwe I was changing my Sterling into Kwacha, foolishly asking for “some smaller notes” which resulted in me being given about 350 500MK notes and about another 100 notes in smaller denominations like 100’s, 50’s and 20’s. I hadn’t quite appreciated the exchange rate and quickly realised my wallet was not going to be large enough to store Kwacha. It may have been more manageable in 1000MK notes…

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We are pleased to announce that MOET has managed to build a beautiful new nursery block, thanks to another generous donation from Canning Trust, match-funded essentially by our wonderful corporate sponsor, La Fosse Associates.

13553159_1065217396904055_548855404_n 13553164_1065216366904158_1762718205_n 13553374_1065216910237437_116463567_n

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