VOLUNTEER UPDATE FROM KATE - Week 5 (15th May 2015)

Another week gone by. I've been here  over a month now. (Would say the time has flown by, [more]

End of School Term

At the end of every school term the whole school gather together where end of term [more]

Teacher's Meeting at MOET

Academic staff  meet regularly to discuss matters  pertaining to effective teaching and [more]

Establishment of multi-purpose tree nurseries and local seed collection

Seven nursery clusters have been established involving members from the 30 villages under [more]

Compost Making at MOET

There was massive soil erosion due to heavy floods that hit most parts in Malawi.  In [more]

Update on Aquaculture at MOET

As an environmentally friendly institution, MOET has fish stalked in a number of ponds. [more]

2015 Tree Planting Exercise

During every rainy season the school carries out a tree planting month. The school [more]

Meetings for pupils guardians at MOET

MOET Management conducts guardian meetings in psycho-social counseling and hygiene as far [more]

Healthy Talks and Tips during School Assemblies

In order to sensitize the children and staff about tropical diseases and healthy living, [more]

MOET ex-volunteer raises money for flood victims

Marie Blankenbanch one of the first group of  volunteers  fron Germany to MOET  haviing [more]




What is FOMOE?

We are a registered charity, based in the UK, which raises funds to advance the education, relieve poverty and sickness and enhance the preservation and protection of good health of children in Malawi who are orphaned, in particular but not exclusively by helping to fund a school known as  ‘Mangochi Orphans Education and Training’ (MOET)

Why was FOMOE set up?

Since MOET School started in 1999 it has been mainly reliant on just a few generous benefactors.

MOET School in the early days

In addition to this there have been 4 people who have been raising funds in their own communities in the UK independently – all connected to the school in their own way.  Early in 2010 they came together to form a charity.

FOMOE was set up to bring those efforts together in a co-ordinated way and to help put the school on a more secure financial footing by widening the donor base.

This should enable MOET School to not only carry on doing its good work but also to develop new initiatives to enhance the lives and futures of its pupils and the communities they live in.

Please feel free to browse around and learn about MOET School – the children and the projects.

See pictures and videos – old and new and learn about how the school has developed over the years.

Read the latest updates from the Headmaster, from trustees and from the volunteers.

If you would like to join us and become a Friend of MOET School, please see our How to Help page.

There are many ways you can help – all of which are appreciated.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@fomoe.org

What is special about FOMOE?

100% of all donations goes to the end cause – MOET School.

What is special about MOET School?

  • Smaller class sizes enable a much-needed focus on pastoral care
  • Vocational training for older children to prepare them for the outside world
  • Strong sense of sustainability with agricultural projects (Permaculture) and natural medicine (Anamed)
  • Educating communities around where the children live (in crop growing, natural medicine and HIV awareness
  • MOET has been providing one meal a day to pupils since it first began. When times are hard this may be the only food the children get.  It is maize-based but supplemented with food from the school’s vegetable gardens, when supplies allow.

Ultimately it is the dedication of the teachers and children which make MOET School so special.

The school follows the Malawian Ministry of Education’s curriculum but receives no government funding – it is a registered Trust, totally dependent on donations from individuals and organisations.

Guardians Meeting at MOET School

Viktor teaching MOET schoolchildren