Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a UK-based charity that raises funds to educate and train the orphans & vulnerable children that attend the Mangochi Orphans Education and Training (MOET) School in Mangochi, Malawi. 

Founded over 10 years ago, MOET School has been mainly reliant on just a few generous benefactors. Four people began independently raising funds, within their own UK communities; all connected to the school in their own way. In early 2010, these individuals came together to form a charity: FOMOE.

Launching FOMOE brought the efforts together in a coordinated way, and put the school on a more secure financial footing by widening the donor base.

We want MOET School to not only continue as a beacon of inspiration for local children and educators alike, but also to develop new initiatives to enhance the lives and futures of the students and their communities.


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