Welcome to MOET School

Welcome to MOET School

MOET (Mangochi Orphans Education & Training) School started in 1999 with 10 orphans being taught under a grass shelter. The school then got a grant from the Humanitarian Relief Fund to construct its first building.

Today there are over 300 children and:

  • 8 classrooms
  • A Nursery Block
  • A library
  • An administration block
  • A kitchen
  • A water pipe and tank
  • A training block
  • A playground
  • Gardens for crops
  • Fish ponds

Come for a tour around the school:

A Typical Day at MOET School

MOET follows the national curriculum so the timetable is varied, with English and Maths as core subjects.

In addition, there are after school clubs available every Thursday in subjects such as debating, drama, sports, HIV/Aids awareness, wildlife and permaculture.

A Day in the Life of a MOET student in her own words

“I normally wake up around 5.00am. I start the day by doing my household chores – cleaning up dishes, sweeping, heating up water. I wash myself and walk to school which is 3 km away.

I do not eat before I start my journey as I know that at break-time the school will feed me porridge. I am in Standard 3 so my school day is from 7.00am til 12.30.

Thursday is my favourite day as I can choose which after school club I want to take part in and I get lunch provided beforehand – this will be maize porridge or rice with meat, fish, beans or eggs (whatever is available) usually with vegetables as we grow these in our gardens here.

When I get home I help my guardians with the household chores – either digging land, planting seeds, weeding the garden or harvesting crops. Often I go to the lake and wash clothes and bedding and get chance to swim and play with my friends.

I then go home and study before it gets too late”.

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