Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences outside of MOET

Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences outside of MOET

The last weekend was a very nice one, because the class teacher of Standard 6 invited me to his home for lunch. We were eating “Nsima” (maize porridge, the Malawian national dish) with sweet potato leaves and freshly caught fish from Lake Malawi. Afterwards we hiked a small mountain (“Koche Hill”) next to his house and he was quite proud to show me some pieces of the Malawian infrastructure like a big water tank, which is supplying all of the surrounding villages with treated drinking water and a very high mobile phone tower by the Malawian network TNM. On our way back, the class teacher of Standard 5 surprisingly joined us and we went the way back together with him.


Well, hiking can be dangerous in Malawi at times. You must take care of your steps, if you don’t want to fall down an edge, when the way suddenly stops

The beginning of October started with a pleasant diversion from my daily routine here at Mpemba. On occasion of the Day of German Unity, the German embassy in Lilongwe invited all volunteers to a garden party at the house of the ambassador on 3rd of October. As I am the only volunteer at MOET by now it was really nice to meet some other Germans, and to hear about their projects which are spread all over Malawi. After finishing our duty of helping to prepare and serve some small snacks and drinks in the beginning, we could enjoy the party as well. They served real bread, bacon, “Wiener Schnitzel”, “Currywurst” and lots of other things that German expatriates and volunteers like me were missing a lot!

Germany Embassy

The garden of the residence

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