Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences at MOET – December 2015

Volunteer, Johannes’ recent experiences at MOET – December 2015

The next week will be very important for the learners, as the “End of term one examinations” are taking place in all subjects and for all Standards from 1 to 8. As I have been teaching English Grammar in Standard 6 for almost 4 months now, these examinations will also be quite suspenseful for me. I really hope they will show that my teaching has had at least some impact and that the students will do very well in answering my questions.

Many pupils

“My” Standard 6 students 

A few pupils

I just wanted to take a photo of what I have written on the board… but every time I take out my phone, a group of learners suddenly comes to the front to pose for a photo 

At MOET I had the chance to go deeper into the philosophy of Permaculture at a special 2-days “Permaculture Training” for all of the MOET staff on the weekend. We learned about the principle of “everything must at least serve in 2 ways”, which means that you should not just throw away things like empty bottles and plastic bags etc. after using them once but reuse them. Additionally we were taught about ways to use the resources of nature sparingly and about sustainable ways to plant vegetables, like using a growing bag. In the practical part we even did one growing bag ourselves and I had the chance to plant my own seedling! Every morning when I go to the Standard 6 classroom I can watch it growing a little bigger .

Tree sappling

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