Update on the Outreach Program – February 2015

Update on the Outreach Program – February 2015


The outreach program is one of MOET’s main programs.  Guardians to orphans are trained in various skill for self sustainance. Recently MOET organised a 14 day permaculture designers course whereby 60 guardians were trained in permaculture and ANAMED and offered certificates.  The aim is to share the knowledge so that they should teach their fellow villagers in their respective homes.  Watering cans and some seeds and seedlings were distributed.  The participants were encouraged to gather local seeds and form seed banks.  MOET organised a site visit  to other permaculture centres so that the guardians could see how other people are benefiting with the knowledge of permaculture. The participants came from 30 villages.  They are guardins to orphans whom MOET is sponsoring in primary and secondary schools.

Permaculture 2 Feb 2015

The guardians are urged to use permaculture techniques to produce their own food and medicines by designing  organic kitchen gardens in their respective homes.  In this way they will supply vegetables and legumes to their families.  Every participant was given Artemisia seedling.  They should raise this planting to treat malaria, HIV as a support, and prevent some cancers and many more diseases.

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