In an extra curriculum program MOET has several clubs including Anti- Aids, Wild life, Arts and craft and Permaculture.  From 7th to 9th February 2014 the Permaculture Club had a training. The training was aimed at improving the school grounds. In practicals the children designed, mulched  and planted  key hole beds.

A swale and a banana circle has been done in front of the new STD 7 & 8 BLOCK

Permaculture 1

Spread the knowledge and share the surplus

Permaculture 2

Tree for every child. As one way of improving nutrition status for the  orphans, MOET has distributed fruit trees to orphans to plant in their respective homes.


Permaculture 3

Not just sweeping. Learners share the school grounds, mulch, plant organically under the supervision of their teachers. Then they share the proceeds and take home.

Permaculture 4

Access routes!  Children’s movements are controlled. They have to use access routes. The land which was once hard clay is now full of plants and compost. The growing area is increased by the use of access routes, composting, and mulching.

Bed designing Once a bare ground MOET is now covered with. food, medicinal plants, ground covers, soil feeders, legumes, shade etc. The land is designed with keyholes, herb spirals, grow bags, banana circles compost heaps etc.

Permaculture 5

Water harvesting. As one way of recycling grey water at MOET school, we have designed, mulched, and planted food and medicinal plants  around all water taps that children use at the school. The children drink and clean their things from these taps

Permaculture 6.

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