Update from resident volunteers – Marie and Fabien

Update from resident volunteers – Marie and Fabien

The last months were going by very fast, unbelievable that more than the half of our time at MOET has already past. The time was full of wonderful experiences and still we make new small discoveries and also learn ourselves every day.

Teaching children who are eager to learn is a great pleasure, even though the conditions are not the easiest. So the MOET School has to cope with an insufficient number of learner’s books and is – compared to what we were used to – modestly equipped, but the goodwill of teachers and pupils make up for what is not available.

Above all the children of standard 8 are studying very sedulously at the moment, because the final examinations are approaching. Until the late afternoon they keep on solving mathematical problems, reading their books and learning English grammar. They improve their comprehension skills by reading books from the library. After a few days of taking notes and looking up unknown vocabulary they present a chapter in front of the class.

Our latest project started is the drama club, taking place every Thursday. Students of standard 6, 7 and 8 take part and get to know playing act by small roll- and improvising games, which is a lot of fun not only for the children but also for us.

Also in the computer lessons we observe a steady progress. Enthusiastically the children discover the secrets of typing and copy and paste. Even in the breaks some of them practice or enjoy their new ability to play music on a laptop.

We take great delight in working at MOET. Besides our involvement in daily school life we try our best to make the school known to our German friends and former schools. So we hope to raise more funds to supply also financial support in future..

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