Update from resident volunteers Marie and Fabian

Update from resident volunteers Marie and Fabian

Marie and Fabian from Weltwaerts (staying at Mpemba Cottage)

Already two months have passed off since we were cordially welcomed at MOET school. After some weeks of observation and acclimatisation, we now feel as a part of the lively community.

Up to now we have started giving computer lessons which complement the vocational training for Standard 6-8. Virtually every day we help teaching English and Mathematics in the same classes.

Furthermore we have almost finished the rearrangment of the library that hopefully will encourage the pupils to read more. A few weeks ago we created a flyer to attract Lake of Stars‘ visitors which was distributed during the festival.  In the near future we intend to give extra lessons to support the weaker students and think about establishing a drama club.

After a most interesting introduction to permaculture by Victor Manyamba, the teachers and us have designed a vegetable bed on the school grounds. Intrigued, we are eager to learn more about this concept.

All in all we are looking forward to the next year that we are going to spend at MOET school..

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