With funding from Child Survival in Malawi, MOET had a two day Permaculture training for youth (school leavers) around the school. The participating youth are part and parcel of MOET programs. In November they also attended a training conducted by The Scout Association of Malawi.  They are a group established to work with MOET in youth programs.

Scout 1

Patterson briefing participants at the opening of the training conducted at Amarula natural shade. (MOET grounds)

Scout 2

Construction of a growing bag as one of the many types of beds in Permaculture design.

Scout 3

These beds are useful to households with less growing space and they are transferable when moving houses

Scout 4

A tree seedling for  medicine or fruits to every participant. Go with it, plant it and care for it, then enjoy the fruits!

Scout 5

Appreciating the beauty of nature on MOET forest. From a bare ground some ten years ago. MOET now has beautiful forest with nature trails,  that allow people to walk through and see beehives that have been sparsely scattered in this bush. Rare species of game like guinea fowl are easily found at MOET.

Scout 6

A group photo with a thank you poster to CSIM. CSIM has been very helpful to MOET programs hence our continued appreciation to their valuable work in helping to transform communities  along the lake shore area of Mangochi District.

Scout 7

As usual, the training ended with a tour at Mpale Cultural Centre.

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