Tag: September 2018 Report

September 2018 Report – Visitors from Zomba visits MOET

MOET School receives a lot of visitors from various walk of life. For example, in September, MOET received a family from Zomba, Malawi, after hearing more about the success of the school. The family had a lot of fun with MOET pupils. The children admitted to have learned a lot about nature conservation and water…
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September 2018 Report – New Academic Term with New Road Safety Enhancement

MOET puts the safety of the pupils first, as a matter of priority. After reporting the need to control the speed of vehicles passing the school to the Road Safety Council, the road that runs alongside the school, was given a new look, as speed bumps and a zebra crossing were put in place. Apart…
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September 2018 Report – First term of academic year begins

The first term of the 2018/19 academic year started in September as successful pupils changed grades and faced new classroom environments and teachers. MOET supports pupils with writing materials in the first week of their arrival, to encourage them, as their academic journey starts. The photo below was taken just after the pupils had received…
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