Tag: March 2018 Update

March 2018 Update – MOET Action on Natural Medicines (ANAMED)

The MOET Outreach Programme provides integration of sustainable livelihood strategies in the Permaculture and Action on Natural Medicine Program (ANAMED). In the month, the MOET Outreach Officer, Christina Ngongonda, processed some artemisia into a herbal medicine, to be taken to the villages. Artemisia cures malaria and helps boost the immune system in the body.

March 2018 Update – Computer lessons extended to MOET teachers

To complement students’ exposure to computer operation, it was also deemed necessary to involve MOET teachers in computer operation lessons. This opportunity of involving staff to computer training is a rare one in Malawi. However, MOET thought this would simplify teacher’s computer class preparation and improve the computer literacy of teachers. The training was courtesy…
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March 2018 Update – MOET Vocational Skills Department attracts German visitor

Apart from providing formal academic education, MOET provides extra-curricular education such as vocational skills and training. Having heard about this, Bernard, a German volunteer, decided to visit the institution in the month. Being a computer technician, Bernard’s expertise will be invaluable in the area of computer maintenance and training.

March 2018 Update – New Head Teacher Introduced as School Term Closes

MOET Head Teacher, Charles Matabwa, resigned from his position due to a bad disc, which prevented him from carrying his duties normally. Charles tendered his resignation back in December 2017. To maintain the school academics, the new Head Teacher, Peter Siginala joined MOET early in the month. The below picture was taken during the closure…
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