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Patterson’s report: Fixed borehole brings new water

Moet had to stop using the borehole five months ago because it was broken. It is quite old as it was dug in 2003 and we have been using it ever since. The lack of a borehole has caused some problems because when the power goes off, the water pump stops working and there was…
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Patterson’s blog: Toothbrush gift leads to smiles all round

Members of a Dutch hygiene organisation have showed they were bristling with generosity when they gave toothbrushes to help children in Moet.  Esther Teunissen came to give the toothbrushes and toothpaste personally. The children were delighted to see  Esther again as she also visited MOET last year and wanted to help further. The Hygiene Club has…
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Patterson’s blog: Keeping healthy and springing into the future with advice from health-care professionals

Pupils learnt about keeping healthy and fit with some clear advice from health care professionals this month.  Nurses and Clinicians from Koche Catholic Hospital visited MOET to check on their general health. They also distributed medicine as well as giving out iron and folic acid to the girls. The nurses and clinicians regularly visit and…
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