Sponsor Shadreck

Sponsor Shadreck

Nazareth has been helping us to raise funds for one student’s tertiary education. Shadreck is a student who requires additional funding to ensure he can complete his Art degree so Nazareth has turned to LinkedIn to see if people can help raise funds.

By donating, Shadreck will be provided with funding for school fees, equipment (books, pens), family support and more. So any donation (no matter how big) will make a massive difference to Shadreck and his future.

Here is the wonderful post Nazareth wrote about Shadreck:

A act of humanity and kindness can really change someone’s life…

This is Shadreck from Africa. He came from a poor family and had to take the responsibility to be the older sibling and get an education. He dreamed for that.

His mother was very poor and couldn’t afford it let alone feed their family.

Shadreck had the inspiration to be a better person and symbol to his family that he can do it- he never gave up. Just an ordinary fighting spirit soul- he had a passion to show the world- a passion that if you can do it he can do it as well!

Years later now he is taking his degree in #Arts. He scored 17 points in history pre school, luckily furthering his education to undertake a degree.

What an inspiration Shadreck is!

Moet reached out to me a charity and supported his journey along the way.

They are desperately looking for sponsors now. They are pleading support to further his education, as the trust lack funds and family is so poor they cant even afford food and made to live in dire conditions.

They lack basic needs and need support, for food, books and essentials including family support.

But unfortunately the money has dried out, and the sponsors have lack funding for Shadreck to further his education…

Simple stories like this needs recognition. Shadreck is an inspiration to others!

But LinkedIn can do marvellous things.

Shadreck wants to be somebody- He wants to win. Every person life needs to have a good future.

Simple stories like this can present diamonds of #kindness, for some one to read it, for Shadreck to be somebody.

He wants to have a professional life and work so he can support his family.

He has already symbolised this post!

Can you help today?

Your simple act of humanity makes a huge difference.

You can follow this link directly to Nazareth’s post so please spare a minute to share it and donate to a great cause: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6819588299661856768/

Let’s help Shadreck fulfil his dreams.