MOET Volunteers

Meet the MOET Volunteers in Malawi


“I feel good at MOET. The work was structured well and I knew what to do and got supported very well. At the beginning I was scared when I thought about the duration of my stay which is 12 months. But when I acclimatised, I felt happy to be at Moet.. My work included assisting the Standard 5 teacher. It can be hard, but it was good work. Sometimes there were comprehension problems, but only with the learners. I already could experience different things: a party at MOET, a trip with the whole staff, a marriage of one of the co-workers, and also a funeral.”

Johannes Lau (19)

“Having been at MOET a whole year, I can clearly say that Patterson, the teachers, staff and children turned the school into a second home for me! It was an amazing experience to see my impact on disadvantaged students and to watch their personal development during the 12 months I spent there.”

Ruth (18)

“I spent 3 weeks at MOET, working with the children and doing sport. I feel really lucky to have had this experience and I won’t forget it! “

Josh (20-something)

“Summing up my experience in just a few sentences…that’s tricky! A lot of people will roll their eyes and say it’s cliché but it was honestly a life changing few weeks. I think it’s something we should all try and experience because it opens your eyes to the world and it’s very humbling to meet such beautiful, happy and welcoming people who’re faced with such tough circumstances. It’s a great feeling to be part of a project like this and even if you’re only there for a few weeks you instantly become a part of the family.”

Rowan (19)

“My month at MOET was a great experience that I would thoroughly recommend, the school’s students are extremely welcoming and being able to pass on your skills is super rewarding.”

Kerry Ann 

“I fell in love with MOET on my first trip to Malawi 4 years ago….

I spent 3 months there, dividing my time between a number of activities at the school including teaching English but mostly involved with teaching permaculture (a then recent new passion for me) and being involved with the ANAMED programme and along with Victor and Patterson’s son Patron and the school kids designing and planting up an ANAMED medicinal garden underneath the watchful eye of a beautiful Baobab tree at the back of the school property. It was really exciting this summer (2016) to see how a number of the then seedlings had actually made it through the ravages of the floods and drought to flourish as trees being harvested for Morninga and Neem powders, amongst other things….”

Sue and Mike (70-something)

“We chanced upon MOET during a trip to Malawi with MACS organisation in 2005. This included visiting a number of schools where dedicated teachers were trying their best to educate classes of over 60 pupils with few resources.

MOET immediately felt different. The classes were small and I clearly remember a spelling tree in the corner of the room, a real branch with words hanging from it – a visual aid. Patterson had a vision of a school where children were educated in small groups and was open to all religions. The parents or guardians were welcomed and encouraged to participate in school events. This was the case at a school leavers’ party when we were at the school. All were invited to share the food, speeches and party. Parents and guardians were at the centre of this.

Children are being prepared for life. Permaculture is a big part of their education as is academic study and physical education. Patterson has a slight fault there as he has been known to adapt the rules of volleyball to suit the team he is playing on!!!

When the students leave MOET there is a focus on their future work and education. Past students are welcome back to the school too.

It is a welcoming, friendly, positive and ever evolving school.

We visited again in May 2015:

Together with Hilary Hegarty and Rosemary Wright, we returned to MOET for the first time in 5 years in May. We were impressed by the growth of MOET and the development of expertise within the staff team.
More than anything we were left with the impression of pupils and staff working together very positively and having fun while doing so. This was well demonstrated by the Sports Day, when staff and pupils competed together and between each other. The pupils won at volleyball and netball! The highlight was the mini run for staff and pupils, with Patterson and Charles doing warm ups with the runners, before the start. The activities ended with a presentation ceremony, with awards for the leading runners and teams, a good day was had by all pupils and staff.

Yes we did some work as well with classes, pupils and staff. With the teachers there was some maths in-service looking at different ways of learning for pupils, with some practical approaches, combining learning and fun. In addition and with help from the teachers, Blessings and Kate Barnard, we looked at ways of making the library books more accessible for young pupils, to help with reading. This is work that Kate and Blessings have continued.

Our thanks to Patterson, Charles, the teachers and pupils for the chance to see the real progress that MOET is making for all its community. Keep up the strong development. A special mention of Kate, who is showing the difference a talented volunteer can make.”