Secondary School Sponsorship

Secondary School Sponsorship

Every year around half the class in Standard 8 (12-15 students) hear that that they have received a good enough grade in their Certificate of Primary Education to qualify to go on to secondary school for 4 years. As all secondary school education in Malawi is fee-paying every year we are desperately searching for sponsors at this time. The results come out in early September every year so we need to raise interest and secure commitments now.

What you give:

For £200* a year for 4 years (£17 per month) you would give a MOET graduate:

  • Tuition
  • Food and Board during term-time
  • Uniform
  • Books
  • Continued pastoral care from a dedicated MOET teacher
  • Sponsored MOET graduate
  • Sponsored MOET graduate

What you get:

  • Photo of the named sponsored child and a brief profile (name, age, family situation, favourite subject at school, favourite pastime, dreams for the future)
  • At least one letter from the child each year (with the opportunity for more all via MOET)
  • 2 school reports per year
  • Above all you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping shape a brighter future for child who so needs badly needs it through those difficult teenage years, in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Please note that a child will attend secondary school for a maximum of 4 years. Unlike primary school, there is no repeating a year of secondary school. Students have an exam after Year 2. If they pass they are allowed to continue to sit the Final exam at the end of Year 4.

If successful your sponsored student will get the MSCSE – Malawi School Certificate of Secondary Education.

At this point, if your student is able and you wish to continue funding further education possibilities can be explored.

Interested? Contact

* If you are a tax payer and gift aid is claimed – otherwise it is £250 per year (£21 a month) for 4 years.

We recommend that you set up a standing order for this.

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