Patterson’s blog: Toothbrush gift leads to smiles all round

Patterson’s blog: Toothbrush gift leads to smiles all round

Samuel is really pleased with his toothbrush and toothpaste gift.

Members of a Dutch hygiene organisation have showed they were bristling with generosity when they gave toothbrushes to help children in Moet. 

Esther Teunissen came to give the toothbrushes and toothpaste personally. The children were delighted to see  Esther again as she also visited MOET last year and wanted to help further.

The Hygiene Club has 21 pupils involved and encourages learners to maintain good hygiene and sanitation to keep their bodies and homes or surrounding clean to prevent diseases. 

Its mission is exactly the same as the hygiene club in Netherland which is why Esther was so interested to do more. 

People in the West often take things like toothbrushes for granted but for some families in Malawi, they would be considered a luxury with the little money that they have. 

Do you have a personal interest that could help our children? Why not get in touch? MOET would be delighted to have any amount of volunteer work from a few days to a whole year.. 


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