November update from our volunteer Thomas- Moet’s agricultural classes

November update from our volunteer Thomas- Moet’s agricultural classes

Agricultural School 

As MOET is an agricultural school, it puts a special emphasis  on teaching and training the learners the ways of agriculture and even permaculture.
That is the reason why the standard six class of Mr. Mlenga went to the school gardens today and had a lesson of agriculture there to combine theoretical information with some first hand

Little learner’s expertise 

On our way there, one little boy walking right next to me already told me the names of almost all plants on our way and even how to take care of them. The learners expertise when it comes to the issue of agriculture does not fail to amazes me all the time. The topic of this particular lesson was different types of soil . Students were looking at  the composition of soil . So out in the school gardens , everyone was busy picking up soil samples to discuss about their components together later on. Even I myself was busy checking on some samples as many of the learners came running to me and offered some of the soil they just collected.

On our way back to class , we stopped at different places in the gardens to have a look at the methods of irrigation used . This was the last topic and Mr. Mlenga wanted to do a brief review of it. Moreover,  the learners all were very interested to see all of this in reality as it was only taught to them in theory so far.

After we all made it back to class , the real discussion started and once more everyone inspected the soil samples which we brought from the gardens. The different components were listed on the
chalkboard and Mr. Mlenga explained their function to the learners.

Combining theory with real life expertise 

All in all, the theoretical explanation combined with some first hand experience seemed to be really helpful for the learners as most of them were very active during both stages of this lesson, out in the gardens and during the discussion back in class. I really enjoyed this lesson and I believe the learners did too.

Teaching the students about our Eco School is a key part of education  at Moet. Can you help us continue to install a love for the next generation?