Fun, entertainment and laughter makes life easy. This is what MOET believes as one way of cheering the children at its centre. Every year MOET organizes  xmas party. On 19th December 2011 MOET children had an enjoyable moment of delicious meals, drinks, assorted gifts and music. Flying balloons and decorations made by the children spiced the occasion.

To crown this function, Captain Mrs Lony Manduwi was invited as a guest of honor for the occasion  and role model for the children. She encouraged all children to work hard in school and utilize wisely the resources at MOET for them to have a better future with more emphasis is on the girls education

As a token of appreciation to all those who help MOET  letters  in form of well  designed photos of thank yous and xmas wishes to friends of MOET were done and sent.

A pat at the back go to the friends of MOET and The Martin family of UK for donating money and gifts for the children for the 2011 xmas  party.

If you would like to sponsor the Christmas party 2012, contact friends of MOET School at FOMOE.

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