The dependence on  locally available resources to sustain life is a pre requisite to healthy life. MOET a centre for ANAMED and Permaculture has engaged itself  in several networks in an effort to enhance the activities at the centre and beyond.

In December 2011 MOET participated in the ANAMED training that took place at the Anglican Mission in Malindi. MOET foreign volunteers and staff shared resources with the participants at the workshop.

As an on going program naturalmedicine at MOET continue to flourish with an establishment of a medicine garden that was conceived  in January 2012 see below .MOET volunteers Kerry Ann Smith  from England , David from Germany and Patron Majonanga from Malawi  designed the garden whose main purpose is to act as a  forest of medicine to help sick children at MOET, Training  local communities and established village committees in The MOET Outreach Program .A training  of natural medicine was done at MOET on Friday 30th  March with funding from Child Survival In Malawi where 25 persons and guardians living with HIV/AIDS from the catchment area of MOET got trained.

50 households continue to benefit in the MOET outreach program where kitchen gardens have been established.

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