Meet Meria!

Meet Meria!

Meet the MOET student that’s going places.

You may remember that last academic year, 70{217b0f69ca5edfd057a9210b13169c6db28af3dec554a62e5fa5553c1b21b1f2} of MOET’s Standard 8 class not only made in through primary school but also qualified for secondary school – an incredible achievement by Malawi standards.

And now for some more exciting news…

The same academic year, we had an exceptional former-MOET student flourish at Secondary School: Meria Kasambala. She scored 10 points over her 6
best subjects including English in her MSCE. For those of you unfamiliar with the grading system in Malawi, A* (star)=1 point, A=2, B=3, C=5 etc. Therefore, Meria averaged between an A* and A in her 6 main subjects. Given how harsh grading is in Malawi and the disadvantage MOET students are up against, this is an absolutely phenomenal achievement.  This means she will easily get into State University, which is a BIG deal! Meria’s secondary school education was sponsored by our FOMOE sponsors: George and Margaret Kirn. It just goes to show how important sponsorship is!


Here she is in her own words:


Hope you are fine. My name is  Meria Kasambala aged 18 and am fourth born child in a family of five. I live with my mom. My father passed away when I was 6 . I did my secondary school at St Mary’s secondary school and the subjects I enjoyed most are biology physical science, home economics mathematics and English. The most things I like about MOET is that it helps orphans and all who are unable to pay for their school fees. It also provides vocational skills training e.g. tailoring, welding, permaculture and many more. This helps students to learn and improve their skills and also acknowledge their talents.

Finally, I wish you all the best in this New Year!

Meria Kasambala

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