May 2017 – Update

May 2017 – Update


MOET Standard 8 Students wrote the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Examinations in the month after three-months of boarding at the School Campus. 

STD 8 Pupils posing before Exams

The institution organized a Farewell Party for their outgoing pupils with their teachers just before sitting for their examinations and the pictures below are moments of events during the celebration period.

Students’ section during the party.            Teachers section during the party.


 During the party, remarkable achievers were awarded with assorted gifts

MOET has graduated a total of 31pupils (11 boys and 20 girls) in Standard 8 just soon after writing Primary School Leaving Certificate. Their packed luggages with them departing also means that the current school registration is minus their total number until the time when their results shall be out.




Apart from Farewell Party and Examinations for Standard Eight pupils, aquaculture training was provided to one of MOET staff, Mercy Ngongonda who is responsible for Permaculture Outreach Prrogram. Mercy will use the attained skills from the training to supervise aquaculture activities at MOET. Pupils also were busy during the month acquiring a number of skills from the vocational skills and training centre.


Mercy Ngongonda among the trained           Pupils learning tailoring


Mangochi Orphan Education and Training previously organized Permaculture Training where among other activities participants were trained on how the can manage tree nurseries. The pictures below are testimonies of the capacity built to the household members who attended the trainings.


Some of the members participating during the training and seedlings raised out of knowledge gained during permaculture trainings. Members shall be sell surplus seedlings to improve their household incomes.


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