March 2017 – Update

March 2017 – Update

New Projector

As part of vocational skills development program, apart from computer operation training, learners had an access to LCD projector viewing. During this time, pupils had chance to viewing themselves in the different activities they had been performing in class, at the playground and during entertainment activities like drama and variety shows. This also gave them chance to refresh their brains.

The projector is a very welcome addition to the classroom.

Heartfelt thanks to Solon Foundation for donating it to the school!  (some years ago they donated computers also) is a charity based in Canada that works with the most marginalised countries in the world.





Progress on academics

“Teach a child while young, and will not depart from the way”. MOET pupils are always kept busy and encouraged to use the library to develop their academic prowess. During the month Standard 1 pupils were frequent users of the library facility. We appeal to the general public to donate more books to our library to suffice the ever-growing number of orphan students at the school.


Permaculture and kitchen gardens

March is an important month when green gardening is affected to take advantage of soil moisture. Vegetables grown are essential as they are a source of vitamin A essential for sight of the pupils in the library. Lakeshore dwellers are malnourished due to inadequate access of vegetables in their diet as they mostly get proteins from fish. In the month, mustard and tomato plants were sown and to be transplanted in the prepared sink beds below.

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