Long-time friends of MOET visit the school after 5 years – May 2015

Long-time friends of MOET visit the school after 5 years – May 2015

Together with Hilary Hegarty and Rosemary Wright, we returned to MOET for the first time in 5 years in May. We were impressed by the growth of MOET and the development of expertise within the staff team.

More than anything we were left with the impression of pupils and staff working together very positively and having fun while doing so. This was well demonstrated by the Sports Day, when staff and pupils competed together and between each other. The pupils won at volleyball and netball! The highlight was the mini run for staff and pupils, with Patterson and Charles doing warm ups with the runners, before the start.  The activities ended with a presentation ceremony, with awards for the leading runners and teams, a good day was had by all pupils and staff.


Yes we did some work as well with classes, pupils and staff. With the teachers there was some maths in-service looking at different ways of learning for pupils, with some practical approaches, combining learning and fun. In addition and with help from the teachers, Blessings and Kate Barnard, we looked at ways of making the library books more accessible for young pupils, to help with reading. This is work that Kate and Blessings have continued.


Our thanks to Patterson, Charles,  the teachers and pupils for the chance to see the real progress that MOET is making for all its community. Keep up the strong development. A special mention of Kate, who is showing the difference a talented volunteer can make.

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