Lake of Stars Festival delegation visit MOET School

Lake of Stars Festival delegation visit MOET School

Patterson Majonanga (Headmaster & Director)

Lake of Stars is an annual festival which attracts many people from all of the world and this year MOET School was lucky to have been able to welcome a delegation of 30 participants.  They were given a tour of the school, met the orphans and also worked with them and the teachers on a variety of activities from compost-making, tree-planting, singing, drawing pictures and playing football.  The visitors also joined in the school in listening to a talk about HIV/Aids and on the establishment of MOET.

Although it was a very hot October afternoon everyone enjoyed themselves – the orphans were given porridge courtesy of Mary’s Meals and biscuits, pens and clothes by the delegation and also a generous donation of MK20,000 was made to the school.

On behalf of all the teachers and children at MOET I would like to give heartfelt thanks all those people who visited our project that day and of course to the organisers of Lake of Stars 2010 for making it happen.


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