June 2018 Report – Sports Day

June 2018 Report – Sports Day

Sport is one of the activities that are encouraged at MOET, because impacts the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils. Every year, MOET organises a Sports Day. During the day, people from the community come to watch the activities with great interest, since it’s such a wonderful event. This year, it took place in June and it was interesting to see who would win the different categories. One female learner, Hawa, managed to beat others by half a kilometre in a five kilometre (three mile) running competition (as seen in the picture below). Winning participants were awarded with different rewards such soaps, exercise books, pens, clothes.


We all have high hopes that Hawa will extend her sublime performance to the national level, and are confident that she will become a star in the running category.

Hawa winning the Five Kilometer run

The best performers receiving prizes


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