July 2018 Report – Paul’s Farewell Party!

July 2018 Report – Paul’s Farewell Party!

On a sad note, during the teacher’s commitment cerebration, Paul Heck, one of MOET’s fantastic German Volunteers, bade farewell to the staff. He has worked with MOET for a year, and will be remembered for his hard-working spirit and in various supporting roles to pupils at the institution. He will mostly be missed by Standard Five pupils in the Mathematics and English lessons.


Paul presenting a tear-shedding farewell


Paul told the audience that while in Malawi, he has learned a lot. One of the important things he has learned is the vernacular Chewa language of Malawi, and the negotiating skills with sellers when buying commodities at the local market. He thanked the director of MOET, Patterson Majonanga, for his kindness and tireless effort to support his stay in Malawi.


In response to the farewell bade by the Paul, MOET immediately organised a farewell party which took place at Cape Maclear along the shores of Lake Malawi. This party was participated by fellow teachers in the accompany of the Director, Patterson Majonanga. The party was punctuated by both joyful moments upon seeing the scenery of the sparkling blue waters of the Lake, the surrounding all sandy shores and the sad realisation that a useful staff member was leaving the institution. Below are some of the pictures in focus taken during the farewell ceremony. Goodbye and thank you for all your hard work and friendship, Paul! 

Paul receives blue sugar from the MOET Director

Posing for pictures with fellow staff members


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