Headmaster’s blog: Seedlings gift will aid flood prevention.

Headmaster’s blog: Seedlings gift will aid flood prevention.

Teachers visited to provide the green gift to Moet

Moet has received a special gift of seedlings this month which will help with the fight against floods.Teachers from Maryam Teachers College visited MOET School with a truck loaded with 2000 tree seedlings. The tree seedlings  will be planted in strategic areas and communities to help add vegetation and canopying. Last month, we reported how some of the area was devastated by early floods. 

MOET School operates within a community which experiences flooding almost every rainy season. The tree seedlings will improve the diminishing vegetative covers which are the best natural remedy to enhancing water percolation and reducing surface run-offs.

MOET is well established in the local area for championing natural conservation through its extensive permaculture program. You can see this reflected in the beautiful and bounteous environment surrounding the campus.



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