How COVID is impacting MOET

How COVID is impacting MOET

The pandemic has impacted everyone across the globe in some way and here at MOET, it is no different. For many of us, education was and is a given, but Coronavirus has meant exams are being postponed or cancelled and makeshift homeschooling has become a reality. 

It was with great sadness that MOET had to wave goodbye to Thomas, the school’s current volunteer from Germany. Thomas was very disappointed to have to cut his trip short and he is planning to return soon. Everyone loved having Thomas there and he was making a real difference to the school and children’s lives. 

For our orphans, school wouldn’t be possible without the support from donors and volunteers and of course Moet. Even though the school is currently closed, MOET is doing everything it can to continue the education of the students. Teachers are supplying lessons and work to children at home so they can continue their studies. 

Nutrition has also been a huge part of what MOET prioritises for all the children. In a bid to continue with the school feeding programme, meals are being distributed to the children’s homes to ensure they get enough to eat. 

Unfortunately, right now one of the biggest challenges MOET and the community faces is a lack of sanitiser, appropriate equipment such as face masks and hand washing facilities.  

We are fortunate to have access to these simple, life saving tools. If you can, please donate and help MOET help the children continue their studies and keep the community safe.