Getting ready for the New Normal

Getting ready for the New Normal

Preparing for a new normal

MOET reopened its doors to students on 7th September. After being closed for such a long time, like every school and establishment, education, training and processes are all needed to equip everyone to operate within the realms of the new normal. 

Moet provided full training of all teachers from nursery up to primary level. Teachers learnt how they can safely manage classes, handling of learners during lessons and on how they can make face masks. The priority is ensure everyone is as safe as possible and measures are being taken to reduce the spread of Coronavirus where possible. 

Teachers and Parents come together

In the situation we find ourselves in, communication and clear messages are key. Parents are encouraged to work hand in hand with the school committee and teachers on measures to be followed with the aim of protecting students, teacher and the wider community from the spread of COVID 19. 

Time to Open

Everyone was pleased to be back at school learning and focusing on their education. MOET had to ensure all students were comfortable with wearing a mask and by all accounts everyone is adjusting to it well.  

Scout Association Malawi Youth Camping

As a way of advancing knowledge through experiencing physical features and drainage in an environment,  Scout Association of Malawi encourage MOET students to take part in a camping exercise that took place on Sunday the 27th and Monday the 28th September 2020. The camping was held at Makwawa Youth Camp in Zomba District. Secondary School Students took part  and had the opportunity to climb Zomba Plateau. Students also had valuable environmental lessons at the Plateau. The students very much enjoyed the scenic view of the town, Lake Chirwa and Lake Malombe. Some very happy campers.