Farewell from Weltwaerts Volunteers, Marie & Fabien

Farewell from Weltwaerts Volunteers, Marie & Fabien

 Our 10 months at MOET was spent  mainly teaching English, Mathematics and giving computer lessons.   In the computer lessons the children have mastered the use of Word therefore we could proceed to another program called “paint.” They are able to write and print in different fonts.  An important improvement is our provision of dictionaries  in Standard 6,7, and 8 (Thanks to a £500 donation from Sage Publishing). 

During reading lessons the students now have the opportunity to read specially chosen books using the dictionaries.  An opportunity they get advantage of and happily as they are now to discover the diverse and exciting words of books.  Also we were fully involved in the preparation of the standard 8 Exams concerning clauses, parts of speech, question tags and other grammar problems, extra help was gladly given.

Soon the school is going to close and with the closing day also our work at the school will end.  We are looking back to a great year full of wonderful, lovely, funny, or unusual and challenging experiences.

 We would like to thank MOET for having given us a chance to do so!

Farewell from Marie & Fabien.

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