End of Term at MOET School

End of Term at MOET School

Looking back at the last three months five events are especially worth mentioning.

Shortly after Easter we were happy to welcome our FOMOE trustees, Angela Head and Stuart Brand, to our school. They brought clothes and learning materials from England which we received gratefully. As a main happening during their visit they officially opened a new toilet block, built behind the vocational training block and a water tower. – Patterson-

 After Easter, our standard 8 students wrote their final examinations in the Makawa public school nearby. Their feelings and estimates were optimistic throughout and we hope for very good results.

On the same day, when the last examination was written, a lovely farewell party took place with all the students, teachers, guardians and the chief of Makokola. It was a wonderful event with delicious food, music, good speeches and a lot of dancing. The children were as frolicsome as one can be when a period of intensive work finally comes to a successful end.

MOET School has released its students with great joy on the one hand, and a feeling of sorrow on the other hand as we will miss them as a part of MOET.

Dear standard 8 students, we wish you all the best and really hope that you can continue with secondary school!- Patterson-

 Furthermore, some weeks ago we had the pleasure to welcome a group of Mercer university students from the USA to our school. They attended a permaculture and Anamed talk and visited the children in class. The American students were happy to see the pupils wearing their new school uniforms, which have been sponsored by the university. Warm speeches were given on both sides and, unfortunately, far too quickly they had to leave. It has been the second Mercer group visiting us since last year and we hope that this friendship will grow even stronger during the coming years!-Patterson-

With regard to our permaculture projects, the school was visited by the Malawi Lake Basin Program, a farmers’ project in Malawi. For one afternoon, they participated in several activities and were especially interested in our tree nursery, intercropping  and compost making.

The fifth important improvement is the establishment of a nursery class. For one month already we have been able to see and hear very young learners running, playing and laughing on the school grounds, enriching our school community. Patterson.

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