December update- Building for the future

December update- Building for the future

As the holidays are almost upon us, thoughts at Moet have turned to the building work that we are hoping to complete in 2020 and the great work that has already started. 

Here’s a summary of all the work that we have been doing with your kind donations.


Better sanitation

 The previous flooding that we experienced at MOET at the beginning of this year almost weakened all toilet structures and threatened water and sanitation problems. We appreciate the timely support from The Spear Family who came  to our rescue in helping putting up toilet structures that will stand the test of time. 

Boarding facilities 

We are pleased to announce that we have just started boarding provision for Grade 8 pupils in an effort to improve academic results .

However, the institution didn’t have adequate and quality infrastructure for Boarding. With support from Solon Foundation MOET has started to build bathrooms for both boys and girls close to their hostels.

This will help them prepare for morning classes in time every day. Before construction of the structures, pupils were using fencing booths of grass which were also inadequate.

The structure for boys accommodates four bathrooms and will be serving a total of 24 boys every day.

The challenge that the boarding is facing now are mattresses for the boarders since they sleep on mats. If you feel like you help us fund beds for our new boarding facilities, please get in touch.

Vocational skills workshop 

The current vocation skills and training building at MOET is being used as a hostel for boys. This in a way interrupts vocation skills training at the institutions. Knowing the importance of sustaining vocational skills and training work at MOET, Solon Foundation again came to our rescue in funding the cost of putting up a well secured, spacious and ventilated vocation skills and training shelter. This shelter is 6metres by 10metres.