In December 2011 a container full of donated items arrived in Malawi  where 6 computers were packed in  for MOET School. Mike and Susan made this wonderful collection for MOET where assorted clothes, kitchen ware, books were also part of the items. The start to the vocational training program for MOET had a green light.

In June 2010 Mike and Susan Fox visited MOET for the second time .This second time they came to volunteer at the school and worked with the children in many fields. The cheerful couple together with their friend Hillary witnessed the graduation of the first students at MOET since its inception 10 years ago. When they went back home they really made a wonderful surprise to sponsor the best two graduates of MOET  Helen And Brenda.

Many thanks to the Fox family  for their wonderful work.

Used assorted items that can benefit the school children are welcomeif you have any ideas please contact friends of MOET at FOMOE..

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