Computer Classes – by Bernd Möllmann

Computer Classes – by Bernd Möllmann

One of our wonderful (current) volunteers, Bernd Möllmann, shares a yet another wonderful post, full of pictures. This time, he looks back on a memorable second week week with MOET:


During my second week at MOET School, I’ve experienced many different things. I took part in the school lessons, participated at the Sports Program on Thursday and got a short introduction to the Vocational Skills Program in the afternoon classes. In between, we organised the computer room and started a new computer class, not only for the learners, but also for the teachers.”

Below are some pictures of Bernd and Julius’ successful computer classes. 


The Welcome sign on the entrance door of the computer room.

At first, we checked the function of every CPU. The son of Mr. Patterson , Raymont Majonanga, assisted us to repair the hardware. As an IT Specialist, he was a big help and we could also learn a lot of new things.

After checking the hardware, we had to rearrange the monitors, cables and the keyboards. Thereby, we made some astonishing expectations. And yes, this historically old computer mouse is still working! Julius, the man in charge of the vocational skills and the computer room, and me couldn’t believe it.

The mouse in use! We went on with fixing the software on the computers and installed the main programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, which can hopefully be used by the learners and teachers .

Near the end, we started sharing knowledge about computers and using shortcuts on the keyboard. Paul, the volunteer who is staying at MOET for one year, also took part in our session.

Finally, after the morning full of work, we rearranged the computer room and made it ready for the lessons.

“Over the next days, we started to introduce the lessons for the teachers. Our aim is to increase the teachers’ computer knowledge so that MOET School will no longer rely on the work only done by volunteers or Julius, who oversees the computer room. Therefore, we used a public holiday to start our lessons. We started with a first group of teachers and would like to go on with the whole staff team.”

We started dealing with the hardware. What are the parts of a computer? The CPU, the monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Later we went on – How to handle the programs. For example: the Music Player.

Paul and myself know that we aren’t experts on computers, but we would like to try our best to share the knowledge. that we have.

In the afternoon, some other teachers came and we started another lesson dealing with the same topics.


At least we had fun and all members were really interested.

A short tea break and listening to some music over Bluetooth speakers -Another new thing learned!

After the tea break, we continued with a laptop and getting closer to learn something more about Microsoft Word.

While others already went home for the lunch break, some teachers remained and continued learning.

The first results!

At the end, I would like to sum up that the lessons are going very well. The teachers are interested and would like to continue coming to classes. Hopefully, we can go on!


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