Christmas Party for children of MOET School

Christmas Party for children of MOET School

Patterson Majonanga – Headmaster & Director

The 15th of December 2010 was another memorable time for the children at MOET.
The children and the teachers had a memorable Christmas party. Under the green trees
of MOET grounds balloons and pieces of clothes were hung in the trees to
decorate the day.

The children sang songs of praise to the management and staff of MOET and to the
sponsors of the party – the trustees of MOET in England and all who help them to
change their lives in England and other parts of the world.  There were dances later followed by speeches.

Gregory, a German volunteer from Blantyre, was the guest of honour. In his speeech he encouraged MOET CHILDREN TO WORK VERY HARD IN SCHOOL AND TO KEEP THEMSELVES HEALTHY. He also emphasied the need for the children to
to be punctual at all times.
On that cool day the party ended after ther children enjoyed some squash drink ,
rice with meat and vegetables. 

These rare situations encourage MOET children to love their stay.


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