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✨Student Success!✨

Enock and Precious were two students at MOET who were able to attend because of the generous donations from their sponsors. We wanted to share this fantastic news. Enock has secured a job since finishing education. This is an excerpt from the letter we received from one of the MOET fundraisers involved in organising student…
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A Happy New Year from MOET

We hope you have all had a good start to the New Year all things considered. Beating the January blues takes will power, not to mention a global pandemic! December saw the start of the rainy season and it did hold back! Despite arriving a little early and catching the community unawares, the damage was…
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A very happy Christmas from MOET

Happy Christmas from MOET and FOMOE!!!! This has been a challenging year for all of us but MOET has adapted to the new situation and made the best of it by designing and producing its own face masks to benefit the community and generate additional income for the school, Also by embarking on off-season farming…
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