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June 2018 Report – Sports Day

Sport is one of the activities that are encouraged at MOET, because impacts the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils. Every year, MOET organises a Sports Day. During the day, people from the community come to watch the activities with great interest, since it’s such a wonderful event. This year, it took place in June…
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June 2018 Report – It’s time for Off-season Gardening

Amongst the activities that are carried out at MOET, is the careful utilisation of soil and water resources. The institution has an irrigation scheme with a well-designed reservoir dam, keeping water for irrigation. We thank La Fosse Associates for funding the scheme. June is mostly earmarked for the commencement of gardening work, using water that…
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May 2018 Report – Vocational skills development and training

May was full of activities performed by pupils from senior classes. One such an activity was tailoring. Pupils learned a number of skills such as arranging thread for the sewing machine, getting thread into the sewing needle and the actual sewing process. This a very practical skill that students will be able to apply in…
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May 2018 Report – Pupils’ farewell trip

After the pupils had sat for their final exams, MOET organised a farewell trip for them. Students, accompanied by some teachers, visited a number of areas of interest within the district, such as: Cape Maclear, Fisheries Research Station and Dzimwe Community Radio Station. Pupils were inspired more at Dzimwe Community Radio. Here, they visited the…
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May 2018 Report – MOET Staff Wishing Pupils Well

As students have been preparing for Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations, to be written later in the Month, MOET Staff spared a day to wish the candidates luck and success for the period. It was a very colourful and lighthearted day, bursting with positive vibes. Standard Eight (8) pupils lined up like soldiers preparing for…
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May 2018 Report – Esther from The Netherlands Donates Jerseys to MOET Football Team

MOET students are renowned as sports lovers. Esther, a guest from The Netherlands who once admired the performance of the team when she visited them last year, donated a pack of jerseys for footballers. The MOET team is very thankful to have received the jerseys. The MOET football team is very popular because every time…
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May 2018 Report – MOET football and Netball teams have new balls, courtesy of visitors from Germany

MOET was visited by parents of one of the volunteers, who came from German to beef up the academic section of the school. The parents brought with them beautiful balls which were given to the school’s football and netball teams. The balls came on time when the school was running short of sporting equipment.

May 2018 Report – Gifts to MOET Learners

To encourage learning among pupils, MOET boosted pupils morale by providing them with learning materials such as exercise books and pens. A total of 355 students at the school, received the learning materials. This is not a one-off occasion, and MOET supplies these materials whenever a need for such resources is identified.

April 2018 Report – Mangochi District Hospital up in flames

Some very sad news from April. We learned that the Mangochi District Hospital caught fire.  The front section unfortunately burnt down. It was established that the fire was due to an electrical fault. Efforts to put out the fire in its early stage proved futile as the fire extinguishing experts had to drive all the…
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April 2018 Report – Teacher’s Preparatory Training Sessions

MOET, as an institution, is blessed to have relevant professionals on campus. Mrs. Majonanga is a Primary Education Adviser (PEA) for Monkey Bay Zone, and took the opportunity to host a Teachers Training session. The session covered the importance of lesson plan preparation, plus teaching learning materials.