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2013 has been a good year in terms of visitors at MOET. Hilary and Liz visited MOET and designed a vegetable garden with secondary school students. 


In order to improve the quality of teaching and learning, MOET organizes in-service teacher trainings.


Guardian meetings are one way of discussing the needs of the children at MOET and  look at problems that affect the orphans. On 27th December, 2011, guardians who have their children sponsored in different secondary schools were invited to a meeting to look into the following:


In December 2011 a container full of donated items arrived in Malawi  where 6 computers were packed in  for MOET School. Mike and Susan made this wonderful collection for MOET where assorted clothes, kitchen ware, books were also part of the items. The start to the vocational training program for MOET had a green light.

First impressions from new volunteer from London – Merry 6th July 2011

I have so far spent two days at the school, learning about how things are done.  It strikes me as a really wonderful place, everyone is so positive and happy, and every teacher and student was welcoming to me.

Boots Pharmacy raises money for MOET School

The Boots Pharmacy team of Padstow, in Cornwall, put on a huge fundraiser recently and managed to raise a huge amount of money for FOMOE.  With the crowds of tourists starting to descend on the small seaside town for summer, the Boots team decided the time was right to put on their long planned ‘Africa…
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Article on MOET School in Malawi Nation – September 2010

Angela Head (Trustee) I am pleased to announce that the work done at MOET School received national coverage on 14th September 2010 on Malawi Nation’s news website:  ‘Plight of children along the lake’ ‘The future of Annet Mdala, 15, of Mpemba Village T/A Mponda in Mangochi was full of doubt.  The girl, whose parents died…
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